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      Lines and Square Reproduce the Beauty of Cube

      New Button Combination Design,4-16 Free Permutation and Combination

      *partial combination mode display

      Voice Control Response Immediately

      Microphone and speaker hidden distribution, Perfect Integration of Sound Pick up & Sound ProductionExcellent natural speech recognition ability, support synonymous speech matchingMultiple voice commands are optional, which can be executed in various preset intelligent scenarios such as going home, leaving home, resting and relaxing

      Scene Commands Can Be Customized as You Wish

      Scene Commands Can Be Customized as You Wish Crodigy Exclusive Develop the "Voice Mapping" Function
      Support Users to Set Up Intelligent Scene, Flexible Release Voice Control
      Voice control can be turned on or off at any time

      “XiaoCong XiaoCong,Open Sesame“

      What kind of smart scenario do you want to implement?

      No Need Network
      Protect Your Privacy

      Using Local Off-Line Voice Recognition Technology
      Can Be Used Without Network
      Don’t store any voice, eliminate the risk of privacy disclosure

      Offline Voice
      Guard Privacy
      Off - Line Carefree
      Highly Stable

      Full - House Voice Smart Home Solution

      Voice Interaction Is Perfectly Applied to Every Corner of the Home

      Quiet and Put on the Walls of Each Room, Taking Up Only a Small Space

      Inside and Outside Concurrently Textures, High-Level Feeling Everywhere

      High Quality Anodized Sandblasting Technology, Reject Fingerprint Residue and Scratch

      Icon With a High Sense of Design, Using Laser Carving Technology

      Smooth Pressing Button Design, Bringing a Pure Fingertips Touch,

      Up to 100,000 Times of Pressure test, Durable Quality

      Control each detail , do the Uncompromising Minority

      Support 4-16 Button Free Combination
      Free to Change Button Function/Voice Function
      The Four Color Is Free to Collide With Each OtherCollide With Each
      Support Voice On and Off
      Voice Control
      Support Background Light Off and Brightness Adjustment
      Button Control
      Support the Control of Individual Equipment such as Lighting, Curtain and Air Conditioning
      APP Control
      Support Control of Multiple Device Combination

      Universal Access, Interconnection

      Adopt 485 protocol, and several smart home brand system can be used docking

      Cube Series Product

      Crodigy Smart Panel Upgrade Product

      It can be replaced with prode series and elegant series of Crodigy key panel

      [ Appearance ]
      4-16 Free Combination
      [ Voice Order ]
      Support Mandarin Recognition, Dialect Version Stay Tuned
      [ Specification ]

      Product Name: APanel Cube Smart Voice Panel

      Product Model: APanel-MCIS

      Control Mode: Voice Control | Button Control

      Language Type: Mandarin

      Command Type: Voice commands are optional and support synonymous speech matching

      Size Standard: 86mm×86mm×33mm

      Optional Bottom Box: 86 Bottom Box Installation

      Operation Voltage: 24VDC

      Power Dissipation: 7W

      Interface Description: CPBUS 24V、A、B、G

      Communication Protocol: CP_BUS/485Protocol

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