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      Smart Home·Ideal Home

      Make Your Dream Home A Reality

      Waking up in your smart home with a wakeup routine
      • Hear your favored background music;

      • Smart gadgets create the right lighting condition;

      • Curtains open to let the sun in;

      • Fresh air system is on to revive you.

      Leave your home for work
      • “Away” mode is on, turning off all domestic appliances;

      • Security system is on to protect your home.

      Keep tabs on your home in the office
      • Check your fluffy friend via pet cam during lunch break;

      • Sunlight sensor measures sun intensity and adjusts the curtains accordingly to protect the floor;

      • In the event of intrusion, the siren will be triggered to deter the intruder;

      • Receive an alarm push on your smartphone;

      • You may watch, play back, screenshot, and record surveillance videos as evidence.

      Come back home from work
      • Turn on the Fresh Air system and AC system remotely in advance for your comfor;

      • Receive a push notification when your parent took your child home from school;

      • Switch to “Home” mode and watch lights adjust their brightness.

      Dinner time
      • As you prepare for dinner, detectors monitor flammable gas and smoke in real time for your safety;

      • Switch to “Dinner” mode and watch lights adjust their brightness with music on;

      • In the event of a gas leak, the detector will control the robot arm to close the electromagnetic valve and open the windows, nipping trouble in the bud.

      Unwind yourself by entertainment
      • You don't need to get up from the sofa—control your Crodigy smart voice remote by button, touch or voice;

      • TV mode—turn on electrical appliances such as the TV with one button press. Lights will adjust their brightness and curtains will close;

      • Music mode—Enjoy CD-quality music in any room. Change tracks as you like;

      • Colorful LED lights change to the tune for better experience.

      Relaxing bath time
      • Switch to bath mode and set your ideal temperature;

      • Spillage detector protects your floorboard;

      • Soft music starts to relieve your tiredness.

      Have a sound sleep
      • You don't need to leave your bed, Just ask your Crodigy smart panel to switch to “Sleep” mode and watch all lights off;

      • Security system switched to night mode.

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