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      Smart Hotel Solutions
      Cutting-edge Technologies to Revolutionize Your Stay
      Facilitate the Transition and Upgrading of the Hospitality Industry
      Applicable to

      Multi-brand hotel group

      New concept hotel


      Next-generation Hotel Management
      Improved Brand Image

      Technologies provide smart, improved experience. Upgrade the positioning of your hotel and create a new, intelligent image

      Enhanced Hotel Experience

      Easy-to-use smart IOT control system for quality service and a sense of future

      Higher Comprehensive Management Abilities

      Strong back-office management abilities and remote regulation abilities to improve management efficiency; Connected, smart hotel facilities curtail energy waste and save costs

      Strengthened Security System

      Monitor public area by smart surveillance camera, smoke alarm, audible visual alarm, human sensor, etc.in real time

      Smart Room Experience
      —— Smart Hotel Experience ——
      Structure of Crodigy Smart Hotel Control Hub
      Smart Control in Multiple Ways (incl. remote control)
      Smart Voice Panel
      Smart Touchpad
      Online Platform-based Management
      Tailored Services
      Transform Experience-based Hotel Management to Scientific Management
      Voice Control Device Supported
      Baidu Xiaodu
      Crodigy Products Involved
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